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In the KimCoach NeuroCoaching Academy, we are dedicated to holistic wellness & health. The integration of the brains, mind and physical as a cybernetic system is indisputable.

Our tailor-made programs, courses and services include:

– Mindfullness & optimal wisdom

– Life skills & sound decision making

– The tri-brain system and application in life & business

– Understanding the cybernetic system of our brain, mind and body

– Holistic wellness in life & business

– The company as a living entity

THE 4TH BOTTOM LINE – What on earth is this?

Employee wellness & health

What are the 3 bottom lines that business reports on?

  • Financial
  • Social
  • Environmental data

The 4th Bottom line is becoming more evident and important in company reporting. The KimCoach NeuroCoaching Academy honours this vital aspect in the holistic wellbeing of company & individual. We have courses and programs designed, as well as partnerships with leading wellness organisations to provide an integrated service and program offering.

What do the guru’s of industry say about the 4th bottom line:

Brett Tromp, CFO Discovery Health:

“Reporting on health should be compulsory. The fourth bottom line brings health and wellness into the reporting.”

How is integrated wellness & health becoming the key differentiator?

The goal is to establish workforce health metrics as an integral indicator of overall organisational performance — within the broader corporate accountability framework by 2020.

The “fourth bottom line” is rapidly becoming a key differentiator in the way we achieve greater corporate and global wellness in the decades to come — and the ultimate benefit is that everyone gains.

Who is getting involved?

Most inspiring is that the 15 Health ministers in the SADC region have all endorsed the 4th bottom line to be rolled out in their respective countries.

Our Health minister has already said that this is the right thing to do. He has created a task-force to ensure the 4th bottom line reporting amongst his other objectives are rolled out in SA and wants the government to start reporting on health.

With 15 million people employed in South Africa, the health and wellbeing of the country’s workforce is more important than ever before.


According to the World Economic Forum’s outlook on the global agenda, there are 10 top trends facing the world over the next year.

1.Deepening Income Inequality

2.Persistent jobless growth

3.Lack of leadership

4.Rising geo-strategic competition

5.Weakening of representative democracy

6.Rising population in the developing world

7.Increasing occurrence of severe weather events

8.Intensifying nationalism

9.Increasing water stress

10.The growing importance of health in the economy.

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