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Coaching Parent Courses™

This dynamic and life-changing course is presented over 2 days. The content, methods and teachings are substantiated by Gordon Training International, Child Welfare and the KimCoach Academy is membered with the IAC and COMENSA.

Become a skilled Coaching Parent

What is it?

This course strikes a balance between self-development of the parent and acquiring dynamic Coaching skills as a parent. The difference between Parenting & Coaching is highlighted and the skills acquired to identify the windows or behavior and the most appropriate skills to apply.

What can it help you to do?

  • Acquire the skill of Self-awareness & Emotional intelligence
  • Understand the basics of human Neurology (themselves and their child)
  • Identify the positioning and difference between Parenting and Coaching
  • Recognise the windows of behaviour and the relevant skills to be applied
  • Acquire sound and practical Coaching skills as a parent

Course Structure

  • What is coaching and what is considered as the most effective development tool
  • Self-development for parents
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Limiting beliefs and unprocessed negative emotions of the Parent
  • Understanding my child’s neurology (based on Neuroscience facts)
  • Coaching skills for the parent


Course Details

Entry Requirements

Basic reading & writing skills

Who should attend

  • Parents
  • Parents-to-be
  • Grandparents
  • Au-pairs
  • Teachers

Delivery Mode

Contact & Demonstration


2 Days

Intiem Artikel – Wees ‘n Lewensgids vir jou kind

Laai die artikel hier af wat in die Intiem Tydskrif verskyn het.

Kan jy met jou opvoeding ’n lewensgids vir jou kind wees? Iemand wat ’n daadwerklike verskil in hul vormingsjare kan maak ten opsigte van seksopvoeding? Ons het ’n onderhoud gevoer met Kim Ikel, ’n internasionale lewens- en besigheidsafrigter. Haar akademie spesialiseer ook in programme en sessies vir ouers en kinders.


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