Learn how to get quantum results with your clients.

Course Details

NLP could be the most important synthesis of knowledge about human community since the the explosion of humanistic psychology in the sixties – Science Digest

NLP Techniques for Coaches and Practitioners™

Who should attend?

  • Practitioners in various behaviour change industries
  • Coaches
  • CEO’s, MD’s and Managers
  • Therapists

Course Structure

  • The coaching training is delivered around classroom tuition which will also include small group exercises.
  • You will be encouraged to practice your new skills during the 3 days, working with and coaching other delegates.
  • Coaching manuals and visuals are part of the training.
  • Analysis of the various assessments and detailed feedback.
  • You will complete the training by delivering a full 1-2 hour coaching session
  • Venue & refreshments will be supplied on all 3 days.

Delivery Mode

  • Contact
  • Demonstration & Practical


3 Days


Neuro Linguistic Programming is one of the most popular methods for helping people achieve their life & business aspirations. The KimCoach NLP program includes aspects founded in the latest Neuroscience research. In addition, the content focuses on equipping delegates with NLP skills to apply in appropriate situations and programs.

“The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their states of mind” – William James

NLP encourages users to re-create the thought patterns common to those who achieve and excel in life & business -a process that helps gradually weed out negative or habitual thinking. This practical & inspiring program offers the tools for helping your clients upgrade the quality of their personal or professional lives. By using the key elements of NLP, it assists in developing a coaching relationship, shedding light on patterns, managing emotional states, and shaping an agenda for change.

NLP is used in the widest possible range of situations and personal concerns. The techniques and methods learned during this program, enables the coach/practitioner to elicit new ways of thinking, reacting, relating and living. These are developed from the natural abilities their client has within them.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand your neurological system (Neuro). NLP is based on the idea that we experience the world through our senses and translate sensory information into thought processes, both conscious and unconscious. Thought processes activate the neurological system, which affects physiology, emotions and behaviour
  • Understand the Principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Gain knowledge and Understanding of the way human beings use language to make sense of the world, capture and conceptualize experience, and communicate that experience to others (Linguistics)
  • Understand how we code or mentally represent experience. Your personal programming consists of your internal processes and strategies (thinking patterns) that you use to make decisions, solve problems, learn, evaluate, and get results. (Programming)
  • Apply NLP methods – specific techniques in appropriate situations

Course Objectives

    • To equip the coach/practitioner with NLP tools & models to elicit quantum change with their clients
    • Delegates to receive both theoretical & practical knowledge & exposure to such methods & techniques
    • To give the coach/practitioner exposure & knowledge to a process driven and outcome based program which will ensure they can apply NLP techniques with confidence
    • Breakthrough moments in your own life and your profession through this journey of self discovery
    • Understand the concept of showing people how to recode their experiences and organize their internal programming so they can get the outcomes they want


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