Coaching Masteries Qualification (SETA Accredited)


– Essential Coaching Skills

– SETA Accredited

– 5 consecutive days of classroom training

– Practical and Theoretical assignments


– Master Coaching Skills

– SETA Accredited

– 5 consecutive days of classroom training

– 2 additional days of workshops and practical (non-consecutive)

– Practical and Theoretical assignments


Qualify as a professional coach

Course Details

Who should attend?

  • Individuals who understand the value of coaching as a skill, communication and development tool
  • Those who aspire to be a professional coach
  • Individuals in leadership and management positions

Course Structure

  • The coaching training is delivered around classroom tuition which will also include small group exercises.
  • You will be encouraged to practice your new skills during the 5 days, working with and coaching other delegates.
  • Coaching manuals and visuals are part of the training.
  • Analysis of the various assessments and detailed feedback.
  • You will complete the training by delivering a full 1-2 hour coaching session.
  • Venue & refreshments will be supplied on all 5 days.

Delivery Mode

  • Contact
  • Demonstration
  • Practical


5 Days


The landscape of developing people, self-mastery & efficient leadership has changed. Coaching skills have become an imperative part of life and business. At the KimCoach Academy you will be equipped with Coaching skills, Models, Tools & Practical application that will ensure you are equipped as a professional and effective coach.

Not only is this qualification SETA accredited, it also boasts comprehensive educational and practical content. The content empowers potential coaches, practicing coaches, managers and leaders to apply the language, principals, models and other vital aspects of coaching. This is obtained through hands-on-experience and insights during the course.

All coaching methodologies presented by the KimCoach Academy are neuro-science based. The training takes advantage of self awareness to enhance an individuals observation skills and gain important insights into a coachee’s strengths and challenges.

The course is grounded in the masteries of coaching, underwritten by the IAC (International Association of Coaching) one of the leading international regulatory bodies.

What are the benefits?

  • Understanding the difference between Coaching, Mentoring, and other approaches
  • Acquire insight & apply the language, principles & models of coaching as an effective coach
  • Understand and gain self-awareness as to the attributes and needed aptitude of a good Coach
  • Gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of The Coaching Path (the coaching conversation) in your role as coach
  • Gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Structure and Process of Coaching – the basic stages of a coaching assignment or session with your coachee
  • Apply in practice the principles of coaching through in-course Practical sessions (in-course role-play)
  • Gain insight and awareness of the importance and life-changing effect of Coaching in all areas of life and career.
  • Embark on a rewarding and dynamic journey of self-discovery and mastery
  • Improve your coaching ability as a human being, colleague, manager, parent or any role where you can have sustainable positive impact on others

Course Objectives

    • The course provides the tools for the Coach to develop their own ability as coaches in identifying and resolving problems, opening new perspectives, opportunities and horizons both on and off the job
    • Participants leave with knowledge, theory , tools and techniques they can use immediately
    • Breakthrough moments in your own life and your profession through this journey of self-discovery
    • This course includes powerful interventions which understand that people are multi-faceted beings with unique needs and required outcomes
    • Participants explore what is needed to evoke long-term excellence and suitable positive behavior in others. They examine and become equipped with the qualities required of a coach
    • Instills various qualities such as patience, discipline, build relationships, listen to and inspire others. It also provides clarity and thoroughness in own observations, responsibilities, imagination and creativity. This manifests in working and dealing with colleagues, staff, family members and other relationships
    • Recognizing your own communication style and behaviors and be able to adapt this to connect with others
    • Understand how to use powerful questions in coaching conversations with employees


Client Testimonials

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