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Good Managers Manage – Great Managers Coach

Become a skilled Coaching Manager

Course Details

Entry Requirements

Management and/or leadership interest/exposure.

Who should attend

  • All levels of Management
  • Leaders in organisations
  • Business owners
  • Managers-to-be

Delivery Mode

Contact, Demonstration & Practical


3 Days



The landscape of management, leadership and human capital development has vastly changed. Having a strong command of merely management & leadership is not sufficient anymore. To effectively propel a workforce toward maximizing development and productivity the vital skills of Coaching is needed in the position of manager and leader. This qualification is a comprehensive, educational and practical course which enables and empowers managers and leaders to apply the language, principles, models and many other vital aspects of Coaching through hands-on experience and insights during the course. All coaching methodologies presented by the KimCoach Academy are Neuroscience based. The training takes advantage of self-awareness to enhance a manager’s observation skills and gain important insights into an employee’s strengths and challenges. This helps the manager as coach to identify the most effective approach to coaching that individual toward development & optimizing performance. Vital Leadership and Management elements, such as Situational Leadership and sustaining employee motivation and skills are only a few of the aspects that are addressed. This course is grounded in the Masteries of Coaching, underwritten by the IAC (International Association of Coaching) one of the leading international regulatory bodies.

What can it help you to do?

  • Understanding the difference between Coaching, Mentoring, Delegating, Managing and other Management practices
  • Acquire insight & apply the language, principles & models of Coaching as an effective manager
  • Gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of The Coaching Path (the coaching conversation) in your role of manager
  • Gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Structure and Process of Coaching – the basic stages of a coaching assignment or session with your employee or teams
  • Apply in practice the principles of coaching through in-course Practical sessions (in-course role-play)
  • Embark on a rewarding and dynamic journey of self-discovery and improvement
  • Improve your coaching ability as a human being, colleague, manager, parent or any role where you can have sustainable positive impact on others

Course Objectives

  • The course provides the tools for Leaders and Managers to develop their own ability as coaches in identifying and resolving problems, opening new perspectives, opportunities and horizons both on and off the job.
  • Participants leave with knowledge, theory, tools and techniques they can use immediately.
  • This course includes powerful interventions which understand that people are multi-faceted beings with unique needs and required outcomes.
  • Recognizing your own communication style and behaviours and be able to adapt this to connect with others.
  • Breakthrough moments in your own life and your profession through this journey of self-discovery.
  • Understand how to use powerful questions in coaching conversations with employees.
  • Facilitating others to overcome their limiting beliefs to optimise output.



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