Marlette Hegyi

Performance coaching; Goal related coaching; Public speaking

Marlette Hegyi

Why did I choose coaching?

I have been working closely with people as a skin therapist for 17 years, and much of my interaction with them is similar to coaching, however formal coaching is much more structured and rewarding.

I have also been through many changes and challenges in my life for which coaching has been valuable and I want to impart the same benefits to others. I am passionate about overcoming obstacles and helping people achieve goals.

My affiliation with The KimCoach Partnership

I met Kim at a conference where we were both speakers and I immediately resonated with her on both a personal and professional level. I attended her Coaching Masteries course and have embarked on coaching as a career under the banner of KimCoach because I believe in Kim’s vision and values and, by extension, those of her academy.

My Experience

My 17 years experience as a skin therapist has given me a unique insight into people and building their trust and relationships with them. I have also been doing motivational goal-oriented speaking since 2014.

My Qualifications

Qualified Aestheticienne (skin and body therapist)

My Remarkable Accomplishments

Climbing 4 of the 7 World Summits. By doing many endurance events, I’ve gained the unique experience of overcoming challenges and accomplishing goals.

My Area of Expertise

  • Performance coaching
  • Goal related coaching
  • Public speaking

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