Marianne Louw

Children Coaching; Teacher Coaching; Parent Coaching

Marianne Louw

Why did I choose coaching?

I firmly believe in the effectiveness of finding your own solutions to your own unique challenges. Coaching is an extremely powerful and valuable tool designed to empower an individual to aspire to their dreams and goals and equip them to better prepare themselves for the future.

Personally, I believe that Coaching has the potential to change the way that South Africans, especially our children, view and approach the future which will allow for the development of an open and accepting society able to live peacefully and in harmony alongside one another.

My affiliation with The KimCoach Academy

I completed a qualification in Master Coaching through the KimCoach Academy and am working alongside other qualified coaches in the Educational leg of the KimCoach Academy.

My Experience

I have been a teacher since 2010, specialising in English and Communication. I have always played the role of ‘trusted advisor’ to all my students, and for the past few months I have been actively facilitating coaching sessions with students ages 10-12. The students are showing great improvement towards fulfilling their goals and overcoming their challenges, after only a few weeks of coaching.

My Remarkable Accomplishments

I’ve spent 75% of my life educating myself in one way or another, obtaining two Bachelor’s degrees and numerous certificates along the way.

I believe that educating yourself is the key and taking initiative is the drive behind a successful and happy life.

I have studied a wide variety of interests; including theatre, wildlife filmmaking, language practice and communication.

My Qualifications

1. B.Dram Technical Theatre – University of Stellenbosch

2. BA Language Practice – North-West University

3. Master Coaching Qualification – KimCoach Academy

4. Teaching English as a Foreign Language – BridgeTEFL

5. Certificate in Wildlife Filmmaking – Wildlife Film Academy

6. Certificate in Filmmaking – Stellenbosch Academy

My Area of Expertise

  • Gr. 4 to Gr. 9
  • Parents of these age groups
  • Teachers
  • Family Coaching

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