Linda Van der Nest

Kiddies Coaching; Parents Coaching; Teacher Coaching

Linda Van Der Nest

Why did I choose coaching?

I know that coaching is the one thing that I have been missing in my life.

It is a privilege for me to be able to play a significant role in people’s lives and to help them reach their true potential that God has designed already within them.

By understanding people’s neurology and the significance of coaching, I assist them to unlock their own potential.

My affiliation with The KimCoach Academy

I am part of the magnificent team that is responsible for the Educational Unit within the KimCoach Academy.

My Experience

Coaching allows you to re-program the thoughts that are still limiting you to live the life you want to. It helps you in discovering your true potential and success. For me, the fulfillment and success to achieve whatever you set your mind on, is my reason to be a coach.

My Remarkable Accomplishments

  • I am looking forward to each breakthrough from now on…
  • I am happily married to Muller van der Nest for 16 years. We are blessed with 4 wonderful children; Henru (12), Limé (10), Albert (7) and Marenic (4).
  • I’ve been a teacher since 2001.
  • Currently, God is using me through coaching to make the world, especially the world of children, a better place.

My Qualifications

1. 4 year HOD Teaching Diploma

2. 16 years of teaching

3. KimCoach Coaching Masteries Program & KimCoach NLP Techniques for Coaches and Practitioners

My Area of Expertise

  • Coaching children from the ages 3- 10 years
  • Parent Coaching
  • Family Coaching
  • Training & coaching of Teachers

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