Karin Aucamp

Brain and Emotional Intelligence profiling and training; Life coaching; Motivational talks

Karin Aucamp

Why did I choose coaching?

It has impacted my own life profoundly and I see my partnership with KimCoach as the ideal opportunity to now impact the lives of others.

It is a natural expansion of my work as a Master-Brain Practitioner and equips me with the tools to help people overcome obstacles that hinder their optimum potential.

My affiliation with The KimCoach Academy

I was introduced to the KimCoach Academy by Dr Andre Vermeulen, founder and CEO of Neuro-link. I resonated with the coaching approach of Kim and found incredible value being added to my own life while attending the coaching course.

My Experience

I have been involved in the holistic approach of human well-being (spirit, soul and body) for more than 20 years. During this time, I was a personal gym instructor where I educated people about the importance of a healthy body. Then I realised that our way of thinking has the biggest impact on our bodies and health. I obtained a licence to help me understand the different ways people are wired and to help them manage their thoughts accordingly. I have given courses at different companies and organisations that equip people with the accurate self- and social-awareness.  The results are remarkable.

My Remarkable Accomplishments

I’ve assisted in developing a holistic course to identify one’s life purpose. This course has been running for over 20 years in South Africa.  In the last 6 years, I had the privilege to facilitate this course in Australia, France and Namibia. I’ve trained other facilitators for this course and they in return have touched and changed the lives of many people. I have counselled individuals for 17 years and helped them to identify and overcome obstacles in their lives.

My Qualifications

1. BA degree, majoring in Communication and Sociology

2. BA Hons degree in National Strategy

3. Licensed Master Brain Practitioner with Neuro-link South Africa

4. Licensed Emotional Intelligence Coach

5. Accredited with Belbin – Your role as a team player assessments and workshops

6. Certified Keirsey personality analyst.

7. Certified Neuro-coach with KimCoach

My Area of Expertise

  • I specialise in neuro-science based brain profiles for individuals and groups
  • Master Brain Practitioner
  • Neuro-science based Emotional Intelligence Practitioner
  • Personality Analysis
  • The different roles and values team members
  • Individual Neuro-coaching to assist the client to overcome obstacles

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