Heili Nel

Student Coaching; Profiling; Life Coaching

Heili Nel

Why did I choose coaching?

It is the most beautiful way to help a client achieve their dreams and potential.

My affiliation with The KimCoach Academy

HOD Profiling Unit

Head of Education Unit

My Experience

As a Life Coach with a teaching background, my passion is to develop people so that they become the best version of themselves. I’m especially passionate about developing people on the brink of their adult lives. I have more than 300 hours of coaching experience.

I’m also an Enneagram and Neurolink Practitioner.

My Qualifications

1. B.Ed. (UP)

2. Masteries Coach

3. NLP Practitioner

4. Enneagram Practitioner

5. Neurolink Practitioner

My Area of Expertise

  • Young Adult Coaching
  • School-leaver Breakthrough
  • 1st year – Final year students
  • Using the Enneagram as a starting block for self-awareness and self-development
  • Coaching corporate clients in the personal aspect of their lives
  • Using Neurolink to understand student’s preferred way of learning

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