Graeme de Villiers

Corporate & Financial Coaching; Personal Development Coaching; Relationship Coaching

Graeme De Villiers

Why did I choose coaching?

Finding fulfilment in what I do drives me to make a fundamental difference in the lives of others. After spending 20 years on the corporate side of the fence, I realised that approaching people and issues with a different lens has become a far more worthwhile and rewarding facet of my life, to be in a position where I am able to see distinct, measurable differences in the people that I coach.

My affiliation with The KimCoach Academy

After applying for a position on the IMPACT panel, I met and was screened by Kim before being accepted. Subsequent meetings with Kim have ticked all the boxes in terms of how I want to learn and grow as a coach, under her watchful tutelage.

My Experience

Personal Development coaching, Business Improvement coaching. More than 20 years in the Corporate environment, in Banking, Telecommunications and Legal/conveyancing sectors.

My Qualifications

  1. Associate Coaching Course (Centre for Coaching, UCT, Cape Town)
  2. Completing Professional Coaching Course (Centre for Coaching, UCT, Cape Town)
  3. Senior Management Program (GIBS, University of Pretoria)
  4. Management Advancement Program (Wits Business School)

My Remarkable Accomplishments

Since starting road running, I have finished six Two Oceans Marathons and have run a personal best marathon time of 3 hours 12. Endurance running calms and relaxes me to a point of rewarding solitude, while at the same time testing and pushing my own personal limits.

My Area of Expertise

  • Corporate and Financial Coaching
  •  Personal Development Coaching
  •  Relationship Coaching

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