Public Figure & Celebrity Coaching

It might be everything you ever dreamed of. Fame, public status, stardom, celebrity status. The glamorous lifestyle. The glorious & sad trappings.

Yet, as with any situation, there is balance, and there is also the side where you experience obstacles and challenges – those aspects and experiences the public do not see.

Those moments of self-doubt and fear. The anxieties, concerns and worries about the moment disappearing or being taken away. The growing pressure to meet expectations.

Key challenges that can impact on creative and commercial development.

Mental blind spot – The Block

Maybe you have that difficult second album or novel to write. Deadlines are looming. Not wanting to let people down and at the same time you need to manage expectations and responsibilities.

But you are stuck! Everything you try doesn’t work – and you need a breakthrough. But the harder you try, the worse it gets.

The Source

Maybe you’ve done everything you set your mind to and reached your goals. Now what? What lies beyond success? Do you feel ‘empty’? Finding the source, is a challenge to test the hearts and minds of the most successful public figures and celebrities. In fact, the more successful you become, the further away from the source you can be drawn.

When you lose connection to the source, life can seem empty and the future can be difficult to envision.

However, when you regain the connection, you will again encounter that same exhilaration as in the beginning.

Getting ‘me’ back again

Possibly it started off as a love of music, or dance, or writing. Possibly striving to achieve the highest position in the industry or company. Then the machine got hold of you and possibly your ego.

But what happened to ‘you’ in the midst of all this. The ‘you’ that used to find life so simple. Do you ever yearn to get ‘you’ back?

The ‘you’ that’s not a celebrity. But a normal person that loves to do simple things. What would it be worth to get ‘you’ back again?

The next level

Losing this positioning of celebrity or achievement in the public eye could leave you feeling alone.

Maybe you’ve had your ‘time’. Could be the perceived factor of age. Possibly you have upset someone, a group or experienced negative publicity. Becoming subject to melancholy, or bitterness won’t change anything. This is the perfect time to reset the compass, and discover what’s next in your life.

The Burden Of Perfectionism

This is without doubt, one of the biggest public figure and celebrity challenges there is. The all-consuming pressure to be perfect. Knowing your every move is being ‘watched’.

It can all seem too much sometimes. This never ending desire to achieve, deliver and please others. And the sense that whatever you do isn’t good enough. But what about you. What do you want? Isn’t it time to play by your rules?

The Ego Has Landed

Have you ever silently or publicly thought or stated: ‘Don’t you know who I am?’. And instantly regretted it. That awful moment when you become consumed by your own sense of self-importance.

Maybe it’s time to take stock, a step-back and reflect on who you have become in the desire to climb the achievement, public figure and celebrity ladder.

The Witch Hunt

The feeling of not facing the world. Not because you had a late night, because of media or public scrutiny and hounding. How do you keep yourself together in the middle of very public attack, criticism and ridicule?

The Buzz

Maybe you’re on a high after a success, a great show, best-selling album, great review. It may be difficult to stay grounded as it is very easy to become addicted to the ‘buzz’ – almost ‘needy’. You crave that attention that success creates – but at what price?

The Comeback

Possibly ‘written off’ or replaced or dismissed by the critics. There is also the possibility that you are aware of ‘the new kid on the block’ or factions rising against you. It is natural that your confidence has taken a beating. But you know deep inside that you have something special left inside you.

There is nothing more satisfying than a great comeback.

Be a Believer again!

When you experience any of these nine challenges, it can be very frustrating and unnerving. You feel it deeply. But you don’t know how to fix it.

You may be hearing ‘Keep going’, or ‘ Things will turn for you’. But when will they turn? And why will they turn? The reason that other people’s ‘enthusiasm’ doesn’t solve the problem, is that there is probably nothing wrong with your attitude. The solution lies elsewhere.

And agents and friends aren’t always trained to help you overcome these challenges. It’s simply too subtle a problem.

You need to Breakthrough…you need to be told as it is. We will pinpoint reasons why you feel the way you do and define a clear strategy to regain what is needed.