Group coaching


If you are in a career that entails working with people then the KimCoach group coaching session is for you. It will enable you to unlock different dynamics, it will also help learn different approaches on how to deal with customers in your career line and how customers neurology works.

The group coaching is delivered around classroom tuition which will also include small group exercises. You might even gain new business opportunities from networking with other delegates.

The program consists of the following principles:

  • Be better at what matters in elevating and evolving their leadership acumen
  • Sustainable leadership means business sustainability
  • Learning and development is an on-going process for any leader
  • Leaders who have an attitude of development will lead companies who remain dynamic
  • Leaders accomplish but leadership culture exceed accomplishment
  • Leaders understand teamwork and cohesive leadership
  • Developing talent is core to stimulating progress
  • Your companies talent need to embark on personal branding which leads to competitive advantage